Finding The Best Embroidery Scissors

Choosing the best needlework scissors

Finding the Best Embroidery Scissors

Whether you are doing embroidery by hand or with a machine, one thing is for sure - you'll need a good pair of scissors to help with your sewing. If you think that scissors are scissors then unfortunately you're wrong: the right pair of scissors can make all the difference in the world. So what qualities make the best embroidery scissors?

There are several qualities to look for when choosing your next pair of scissors:

  • Blade Size
  • Handle
  • Sharpess
  • Curved Tip VS Straight Tip

Blade Size
The size of the blade depends on what you will use the scissors for. In general, scissors that are designed for fabrics (tailor scissors) have a chunky blade and are quite heavy duty whereas scissors intended for threads, such as embroidery and sewing scissors have a small and thin blade. The reason for this is that smaller blades allow you to get closer to the fabric/threads that you're cutting, and a thinner blade allows you to get to hard to reach areas. What's more is that a fine blade can double as a crude tailor's awl for those emergency situations where you can't find your own.

An ergonomic, comfortable handle goes a long way, allowing for extended periods of use without getting sore fingers. Check out these crane scissors which have an extra large handle to allow for the perfect multi-finger grip.

When it comes to choosing thread scissors, sharpness is key - the sharper the better. You want a pair that will slice through any thread with a single snip. Using a blunt pair of scissors will just make you end up with a chewed up thread and may even damage the fabric due to tugging.

Curved Tip VS Straight Tip
You may have noticed that some embroidery scissors have a straight blade and others are curved. What you chose depends on your usage. If you are only working by hand then you're better of going for a straight edge. On the other hand, if you're also into things like machine embroidery/sewing, getting a curved blade would be more beneficial. Using a curved tip will allow for better access when using a machine as you can approach the thread from an angle.

So What Are the Best Embroidery Scissors?

The truth is, the perfect pair of embroidery scissors doesn't exist just like the perfect pair of shoes don't exist. What you chose depends on what you personally prefer as well as the nature of work you will be doing. Your choice will determine the ease of work and the ease of use in addition to setting the quality of the finished result.

Hopefully our guide will help you chose what scissors suit you best. Why not click here and check out our quality range of embroidery and needlework scissors.

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