Birdy Needle Threader
Threading sewing needles with ease Recessed grip for safe handling Protected with a hinged cover Integral thread cutter This delightful Birdy needle threader, from the Prym Love range, is ideal for both beginner and professional sewers. The recessed grip gives...
£4.10 GBP
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Travel Crochet Hooks + Key Ring
An essential tool for crochet enthusiasts on the go! These travel sized crochet hooks are made from aluminium which makes them super lightweight as well as durable.The crochet hooks are all attached to a key ring, as shown in the...
£2.00 GBP
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Squirrel Pin Cushion
This gorgeous vintage Victorian inspired squirrel pincushion makes organising your pins and needles a breeze!The pin cushion is handcrafted from the highest quality pewter, with exceptional attention to detail, from the surface markings on the fur, to the acorn in...
£10.00 GBP
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Vintage Magnifying Glass Chatelaine
A stunning magnifying glass with antique Victorian inspired engravings complete with a chain - never lose your tools again!These magnifying glasses are made from traditional pewter - a material that has been used since at least 1450 BC! They are...
£12.45 GBP
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Victorian Tail Catcher
An elegant solution to an old problem - short dangling ends that are difficult to bury. This tool comes with two ends - a wire loop and a hook which are connected to each other by a small silver chain.The...
£13.75 GBP
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Norwegian Knitting Thimble
For Norwegian patterns and other two-coloured patterns Perfect thread guidance when knitting with two colours Comfortable hold thanks to burr-free spring steel 2 metal eyelets for threading the yarn The "Norwegian” knitting thimble, made of stainless spring steel, is the...
£2.55 GBP
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Rococo Seam Ripper (Large)
A gorgeous Victorian style seam ripper that comes with a handle engraved with intricate, ornate floral patterns. This tool, also known as a Quick Unpick can be used for effortlessly unpicking stitches and cutting threads even in difficult to reach...
£8.25 GBP
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Magnetic Pin Cushion
Oval magnetic pincushion Sturdy plum blue plastic Also suitable for thumb tacks or staples An ideal solution for keeping track of your pins and needles and for storing them safely. Unlike traditional pin cushions where the pins are inserted, the...
£5.40 GBP
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Twisted Heirloom Stiletto
A stunning antique Victorian style stiletto with a barley twisted handle made from traditional pewter (a material used since at least 1450 BC).A stiletto, also known as a tailors awl is used for making eyelet holes in needlework, sewing and...
£9.40 GBP
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Floral Seam Ripper (Small)
This elegantly crafted seam ripper, also known as a quick unpick or stitch ripper, is ideal for effortlessly unpicking stitches and cutting threads even in difficult to reach places, such as under buttons.The blade is super sharp, allowing for the...
£8.35 GBP
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Owl On Tree Stump Pin Cushion
The Owl On Tree Stump Pin Cushion is a vintage themed pin cushion with an incredibly intricate owl as it's centre piece (and lid). The unique design allows for the pin cushion to be kept as safe as possible when not...
£12.00 GBP
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Cat Lying On Pillow Pin Cushion
The pin cushion is arguably one of the most essential tools when it comes to needlework, so why settle for a boring one? The Cat Lying on Pillow Pin Cushion is adorable and a must have for any needlework enthusiast....
£14.00 GBP
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Twisted Seam Ripper
A stunning Victorian inspired seam ripper with a literal twist. The handle has been painstakingly engraved to give it a "barley" twisted appearance - not only does this look great, it also ensures that you get the best grip possible. This...
£8.50 GBP
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Norse Needlecase
A gorgeous case used to store your needles in complete with an elegant chatelaine (victorian style necklace chain) - never lose your needles again!The case, made out of traditional pewter steel has detailed engravings on it which is sure to...
£14.00 GBP
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Thread Cutter
Thread cutter “Prym Love” Satin band for convenient hanging High-quality rotary cutter blades The thread cutter from the Prym Love range is super stylish with its mint green and polka-dot design. Comes complete with a satin band which allows it...
£4.99 GBP
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Victoria Sharps Sewing Needles 3-7
Sewing needles sharps 25 assorted needles in a tube, in sizes no. 3-7 Made of hardened, rust-free steel These sharps hand sewing needles are made of hardened steel and have a symmetrical, burr-free, embossed eye. Their finely-polished tip, coated surface...
£3.00 GBP
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Rococo Needle Case
A gorgeous pewter Victorian inspired vintage needle case used to store your needles inThe case has detailed engravings on it which are sure to turn any head and comes complete with a high quality stainless steel chain.The included chain is aproximately...
£14.25 GBP
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Anti-Slip Metal Thimble
Protects your fingers when sewing, quilting and embroidering Anti-slip edge for better guidance of the needle Made of die-cast zinc 3 sizes: ø 14 mm - 18 mm Thanks to the special edge and longitudinally ribbed exterior, the needle can be...
£1.80 GBP
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Antique Style Magnifying Glass Chatelaine
An intricately craved, Victorian inspired magnifying glass chatelaine. Ideal for any application that requires high attention to detail.Gone are the days of misplaced items - the necklace allows you to switch back and forth without worrying about losing anything.Specs: Magnification...
£11.50 GBP
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Floral Engraved Laying Tool - Blunt
A stunning Victorian inspired laying tool with engraved floral patterns.This tool is often referred to as a "sanity saver" and is useful for holding down threads and wires in position whilst preventing any excess tension from being applied. It is...
£8.25 GBP
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