Dressmaking Scissor Gift Set in Rose Gold
A beautiful dressmaking and embroidery scissors gift set complete with a thimble from Milward. The rose gold colour has a shiny finish which makes it stand out. Perfect for any sewing box and makes a great gift for users of...
£30.00 GBP
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Assorted Household Hand Sewing Needles - 10 pcs
A classic assortment of 10 of the most essential needles from Hemline Gold. The needles are of a premium quality, made from a strong nickel plated carbon steel for smooth, precise use along with a gold eye. The needles are...
£2.15 GBP
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Assorted Size Premium Safety Pins
Essential for any sewing kit, this set of high quality, premium safety pins is made by Hemline Gold, containing 5 different sizes with a quantity of 10 each for a total of 50 pieces. Available in black or gold. Each...
£2.85 GBP
  • Gold
  • Black
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Victorian Bow Chatelaine Scissors
A gorgeous pair Victorian inspired chatelaine scissors, decorated with a beautiful bow, complete with a pair of etui scissors.Never lose a pair of scissors again. The chain measures 27.5 inches / 20 cm, and can be worn around the neck...
£25.00 GBP
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Punch Needle Kit
This punch needle kit contains all the essentials for users of all levels to get punch needling. Ideal for creating stunning, vibrant cushion designs, embroidery patterns and everything in between. The kit contains a handle, needles in increasing thickness for varying...
£8.00 GBP
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Quilter's Thread Pack 10 x 500m
Brighten up your quilting project with some luscious colours with the help of this vibrant Quilters Thread Pack by Sew Easy. Comprising of premium, expertly picked threads for quilting, this collection will be sure to bring life to any project,...
£20.00 GBP
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Needle Minder: I Love Sewing
Never lose your needle again with this gorgeous little magnetic needle minder by Trimits. Inspired by embroidery, this needle minder comes in the shape of an embroidery hoop with "I Love Sewing" printed on the front, with stitch patterns surrounding,...
£2.99 GBP
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Quilt Needle Threader
This cute little antique inspired Needle Threader by Clover has a heart shaped, ergonomic design with intricate floral patterns on it. Used for threading fine needles, this threader is sure to save a lot of time and frustration! The delicate threader...
£6.50 GBP
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Antique Yarn Threader
Threading yarns and lace is an absolute breeze with the Antique Yarn Threader from Clover. Practical and elegant, this yarn threader comes with a protective teardrop shaped case with intricate floral patterns which the threader can swivel in and out...
£8.50 GBP
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25 Hand Sewing Needles with Threader
A Multi Pack of Milward Sewing Needles including a needle threader. The best carbon, hardened, tempered steel is used to maximise resistance to corrosion. The tapered and slightly conical points plus a polished body ensure the best penetration into fabrics....
£1.55 GBP
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Knit & Sip Circular Needles Set
Coffee themed circular needle set with 2 complementary espresso cups 8 interchangeable needles in various shades of coffee, in the following sizes: 3.5 mm, 4 mm, 4.5 mm, 5 mm, 5.5 mm, 6 mm, 7 mm and 8 mm 4...
£99.50 GBP
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Melodies of Life Zing Knitting Pin Collection
High quality aluminium construction 8 Pairs of zing interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles Each pin is laser etched with their size 8 end caps / 4 cable keys 1 Set of cable connectors 1 Set of wool needles 1 Set of stitch holders...
£70.00 GBP
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Symfonie 40cm Knitting Needle Set, Set of 16
High Quality, multi-coloured, polished birchwood  Single ended pins 16 Pins in 8 Sized from 3.5mm to 8mm Pins are 40cm in length Presented in black jacquard fabric case with zip The Symfonie needle collection is recognized and loved by knitters,...
£105.00 GBP
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My Kitchen My Rules Embroidery Hoop Kit
A witty "My Kitchen My Rules" quote pairing with a set of cutlery design! It is the perfect freestyle embroidery kit for beginners and includes all supplies needed to make it. Anchor Starter kits are the perfect introduction for newcomers...
£17.00 GBP
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Best Friends Forever Embroidery Hoop Kit
Perfects for the kids' room, this fun design features the quote 'best friends forever' with colourful flowers motif. It is the perfect freestyle embroidery kit for beginners and includes all supplies needed to make it. Anchor Starter kits are the...
£14.50 GBP
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Anchor Tapestry Wool
Anchor Tapisserie / Tapestry Wool is made from 100% Pure New Wool and is designed specifically for canvas embroidery, needlepoint or tapestry as it is commonly known. Anchor Tapestry Wool is a particularly hard wearing and durable wool with a tight twist...
£1.00 GBP
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DMC Stranded Cotton Embroidery Thread
DMC Stranded Cotton is The World's Favourite Embroidery Thread. Made from the world's finest long staple cotton and mercerised twice to give these embroidery an exceptional sheen. The 6 easily divisible strands allow the weight of the stitches to be...
£1.10 GBP
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Illimani Amelie Yarn
AMELIE is the most luxurious, softest and lightest yarn in the world. It is impossible to describe it with words. It’s extremely light weight and beautiful texture is the result of the combination of three luxurious fibers using a new...
£15.25 GBP
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Rapid Repair Kit
First aid for clothes! This handy kit is beautifully presented in an etched silver tin and contains all the essentials for a quick repair. Contents: Black thread bobbin White thread bobbin Needles in glass tube Pins Safety pins (varied x 3)...
£15.00 GBP
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Selected Notions Box
Nine of Merchant & Mills' favourite and most useful notions in one embossed box. A beautiful embossed and printed box, complete with the most essential and useful notions. Designed with removable inserts so can be used for life as a sewing box! Contents:  25 Finest...
£42.00 GBP
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