Victorian Tail Catcher
An elegant solution to an old problem - short dangling ends that are difficult to bury. This tool comes with two ends - a wire loop and a hook which are connected to each other by a small silver chain.The...
£25.00 GBP
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Squirrel Pin Cushion
This gorgeous vintage Victorian inspired squirrel pincushion makes organising your pins and needles a breeze!The pin cushion is handcrafted from the highest quality pewter, with exceptional attention to detail, from the surface markings on the fur, to the acorn in...
£13.50 GBP
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Teddy Sewing Station
An adorable teddy themed pewter Sewing Station. Each set comes with a pair of scissors, thimble and pin cushion. Crafted by highly skilled Pewtersmiths at A E Williams - the oldest family run Pewtersmiths in the world. Dimensions: Length: 48...
£28.00 GBP
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Irish Leprechaun Sewing Station
This stunning Irish themed sewing station comes complete with a pair of scissors, ornate thimble and pin cushion. It's intricate design and quality construction will make it stand out in any surroundings and is perfect for needlework enthusiasts of all...
£30.00 GBP
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Floral Seam Ripper (Small)
This elegantly crafted seam ripper, also known as a quick unpick or stitch ripper, is ideal for effortlessly unpicking stitches and cutting threads even in difficult to reach places, such as under buttons.The blade is super sharp, allowing for the...
£9.50 GBP
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Rococo Seam Ripper (Large)
A gorgeous Victorian style seam ripper that comes with a handle engraved with intricate, ornate floral patterns. This tool, also known as a Quick Unpick can be used for effortlessly unpicking stitches and cutting threads even in difficult to reach...
£8.40 GBP
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Twisted Seam Ripper
A stunning Victorian inspired seam ripper with a literal twist. The handle has been painstakingly engraved to give it a "barley" twisted appearance - not only does this look great, it also ensures that you get the best grip possible. This...
£8.50 GBP
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Twisted Heirloom Stiletto
A stunning antique Victorian style stiletto with a barley twisted handle made from traditional pewter (a material used since at least 1450 BC).A stiletto, also known as a tailors awl is used for making eyelet holes in needlework, sewing and...
£10.50 GBP
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Victorian Sewing Compendium
A gorgeously crafted compendium of sewing essentials. Inspired by Victorian designs - a time when it was fashionable to meet and sew with friends, thus carrying sewing tools around was of the norm. One of the earliest sewing sets around...
£22.00 GBP
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Victorian Five Piece Needlework Kit
Experience the sophistication of Victorian-inspired needlework with this elegant kit! Handcrafted from the finest steel with intricate engravings, this kit is perfect for enthusiasts and occasional hobbyists alike. Inside, you'll find all the tools you need to get started on...
£25.60 GBP
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Selected Notions Box
Get your hands on the ultimate sewing essentials kit from Merchant & Mills! This beautifully embossed and printed box contains nine of the brand's favorite and most useful notions. From the finest needles to a seam ripper and tailor's beeswax,...
£42.00 GBP
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Vintage Magnifying Glass Chatelaine
A stunning magnifying glass with antique Victorian inspired engravings complete with a chain - never lose your tools again!These magnifying glasses are made from traditional pewter - a material that has been used since at least 1450 BC! They are...
£12.45 GBP
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Button & Rose Antique Style Needle Minder
Who hasn't lost a needle when it matters the most? Gone are those days with this cute little, antique inspired needle minder.Hand crafted from pewter, this needle minder features a button design on one side and a button on the...
£8.00 GBP
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Rose Gold Heart Thread Cutter Pendant
This is gorgeous heart shaped Klasse thread cutter by Sew Easy comes intricately patterned with scroll patterns and is finished in a stunning rose gold colour. Add this thread cutter pendant to a cord or chain and wear it as...
£11.50 GBP
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Dressmaking Scissor Gift Set in Rose Gold
Add some glamour to your sewing kit with this stunning dressmaking and embroidery scissors gift set from Milward. The rose gold color has a shiny finish that will make it stand out in any sewing box. This set is perfect...
£30.00 GBP
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